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My studio is located in the Goat Farm Arts Center, in Midtown. Originally an 1880s industrial complex that manufactured cotton gin, it’s now home to hundreds of artists, such as painters, sculptors, photographers, designers, performing arts, and more.

African American Family Portrait
Asian Family portrait
Atlanta Parent Cover Kid
Atlanta Parent Nov 18 cover
Atlanta Parent Nov 2016 Cover
Atlanta Parent Nov 2017 Cover
Atlanta Parent Sep 2016 Cover
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Atlanta Photo Studio
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Baby Bump Belly Painting
Black and White Family Portrait in Studio
Black family photos Atlanta GA
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Branding Photos

The Goat Farm has been the set of movie and TV productions such as The Hunger Games and Walking Dead. It can be the location for your next portrait session. There is a large variety of indoor and outdoor backgrounds to use.

My studio is filled with large 5' windows, old brick and hardwood floors. The grounds of the Goat Farm spans 12 acres and features many buildings and dilapidated warehouses filled with natural greenery (aka weeds). Yes, there are goats, as well as llamas and a donkey. Roosters freely roam the grounds

Why I love it

I love the artist community, various outdoor spaces such as a vineyard and ivy covered brick facade. There's an oversized swing and a book filled coffee shop called the Warhourse that looks more like a library. All the drinks are free. Tips well!

The Goat Farm only allows resident photographers to photograph on site.