Kids family portrait
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Kids family portrait

Is the sight of your kids smiling, hugging and looking at the camera a rare sight? It is for me too, however I do aim to capture 1 or 2 of those happy, smiley portraits during each family portrait session. I like capturing each child's personality so if they're not a natural smiler, I won't force it. Instead, I prefer to focus on kids having a good time. This means, running, jumping, twirling, bubbles, singing, tickling and laughing. If your kids are having a good time, they'll smile and I can capture it naturally.

Sometimes parents can make kids nervous. They might feel like they have to "perform" causing anxiety. If I sense that from your child, I'll ask if I should have you, the parent leave the room. Don't be surprised if I give you the boot! It will only be for a minute or two.

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