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7 Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones

Seven Loving Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, and as wonderful as it is, it can be tough to plan when you have lost a loved one. Most couples want to acknowledge their loved one but aren’t sure how to find the balance between honoring them without dampening the joyous spirit of the day. There a numerous ways you can acknowledge those you’ve lost so you feel as though your loved ones are with you as you celebrate your special day. Here are seven ways to honor lost loved ones at your wedding.

  1. Add a tribute to the wedding program

When you create your wedding program include an “in loving memory” section where you can write a short message about them.

  1. Create a photo table

As part of your wedding décor, create a small table where you place memorable pictures of them.

Photo table to honor lost loved ones at your wedding

  1. Light a candle

Light a candle, and place it in a special place in your wedding venue such as on the entryway table or near the wedding cake.

  1. Wear something they gave you

Nothing’s more special than wearing something they gave you, such as a necklace or hairpiece.

  1. Reserve a special seat for them

In your ceremony seating, reserve a special chair where they would sit. Garnish it with a flower, picture, or some of their memorabilia.

  1. Balloon Release

At the end of your ceremony or reception, have a balloon release in honor of your lost loved one.

Photo charm on bouquet to honor lost loved ones at your wedding

Regardless of how you choose to honor those you’ve lost, remember they will be with you in spirit.

  1. Photo Charms

A great way to feel as though those you have lost are with you is to create photo charms of them which can make a great accessory to your bouquet.