Images by N'neka

I’ve been married for 16 years and my wedding is a distant, faded memory. I wasn’t able to have a professional photographer so my photos lack the love and excitement that was present on my wedding day. My goal is to give you everything I wish I had in my wedding photos.

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Creative Family Portrait
Chateau Elan Wedding Reception Fun
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Photographing a bride getting ready is one of my favorite parts of the day. I love capturing the excitement and anticipation. Sometimes it's the calm before the storm. Other times, chaos has already ensued.

This time allows you and your family, wedding party to get used to my presence. Once the walls come down, I'm able to capture some very tender, intimate moments.

These images sets the foundation for your wedding day story. It's also the only way your groom will see what you experienced and the only way you'll see how he spent his final moments preparing to marry you.

Tips for Picture Perfect Moments

Gather your accessories- Have all of your accessories ready so I can photograph them as soon as I arrive. This allows me to photograph them quickly so I can spend the most time capturing spontaneous moments.

Ideas- Rings, jewelry, hairpieces, invitations, bouquets, cuff links, gifts, letters, custom or unique items.