Atlanta Branding Portraits
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Atlanta Branding Portraits

Mary* was a financial advisor who did a great job for her clients. She was referred to them by others, and they were always happy with the results she got for them. However, when people found her online and visited her website, they would leave without becoming clients. Mary couldn't figure out why this was happening, and it was really frustrating for her.

She tried changing up her website design, adding more content, and even offering free consultations. But nothing worked. The people who left just never came back.

One day, Mary decided to do some research on what made a good financial advisor website. After studying the websites of other advisors in her city, as well as those of advisors in other cities, she noticed many had great headshots on their about me page. Mary had a selfie from a dinner out and had cropped her friends out.

Armed with that knowledge, she decided to get some professional headshots done and searched for a headshot photographer in Atlanta. Once she had her new photos, she updated her website and soon those visitors were contacting her to book

*This story is fictional but it represents a common scenario.