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Do You Really Need a Wedding Album?

As a wedding photographer it’s my job to capture all the wonderful and joyous moments during your wedding day that you may not notice or see because you’re enjoying and living your day. Whether it is the moment you kiss your spouse, or your flower girl dancing on the dance floor, or the look in your mom’s eyes during your first dance. Wouldn’t you love to look back on these moments throughout the years and share them with your family?I’ve talked to many soon to be brides about why a wedding album is such a great investment and many of them had common reasons as to why they didn’t want a professional wedding album:

  • They’re too expensive
  • They feel they can make one themselves
  • They feel there’s no need to purchase one right away, and they’ll do it later
  • They don’t think they’ll ever look at it

So, here are 5 reasons why you would appreciate and should invest in a wedding album.

1. It’s a great way to establish family legacy.

What’s better than being able to begin a legacy for future generations to reminisce about and even use as inspiration as they plan their weddings? With a wedding album, your day will be remembered for years to come!

2. It’s easier to share with family and friends

A former coworker, whose daughter was recently married was excited to share his daughter’s wedding photos with me. We sat down at his computer and scrolled through photo after photo on their photographer’s proofing website. Eventually he got tired of scrolling through the photos so we stopped. We didn’t even make it through the entire ceremony. With a wedding album, you are able to share it with loved ones, and let them enjoy it at their own pace.

3. It lasts longer than digital media

By having a physical album, you’re guaranteed to have pictures that will last a lifetime. Technology is constantly changing, and simply having your photos stored on your photographer’s site, or a USB doesn’t guarantee that you will always have them. Who knows what type of computers and technology we will have years from now; the last thing you want is to realize your USB is no longer compatible. By having an album, your pictures will be with you forever.

4. They can be a quick antidote to a bad day

Whenever you feel down or that you are having a bad day, taking a look back at your wedding day could be the perfect solution. What can change your mood quicker than looking at the day you married the love of your life? Having an album brings back these memories to life and before you know it you’ll find yourself smiling and forgetting about your “bad” day.

5. No worries about corrupted files

When you store your photos digitally, there’s always a chance your photos may become corrupted, or destroyed. Due to heat, power surges, mechanical failures, fragmentation, static electricity, viruses or malware, software issues, digital files have a limited and unknown lifetime. One day you may find yourself browsing through your photos only to see that photos have colorful static cutting off the image, or an error message.

When making your decision as to whether you should purchase a wedding album, be sure to keep these reasons in mind!

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